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The ODP3033 is a accurate professional power supply by Owon, capable of delivering 195 Watt. This supply can be set accurately with a precision of up to 1 mV and 1 mA. The output noise is less than 300 µVrms / 2 mVpp. The supply has a built in cooling which prevents overheating.

The supply has three channels of which 2 can be adjusted freely. The third channel is set a fixed supply of 6 V / 3 A and therefore perfectly suited for supplying most circuits of power. The channels are isolated individually which results in the low noise and high accuracy.

A nice feature of the supply is the possibility to program arbitrary waveforms with up to 100 points. This allows users to use the supply as a basic waveform generator. Apart from that presets can be stored in 10 groups to quickly switch between different voltage and current levels.

On the 4" LCD screen not only the current and voltage of the different channels are displayed, but the screen displays the drawn power at the same time.

Featuring a USB and a RS232 interface the supply can be programmed and controlled remotely using the supplied software.


Model ODP3033 ODP3063 ODP6033
Channel 3 (independent controllable channel)
Max Output Power 198W 378W 378W
Output Range 0 - 30V / 3A x 2-CH,
0 - 6V / 3A
0 - 30V / 6A x 2-CH, 
0 - 6V / 3A
0 - 60V / 3A x 2-CH,
0 - 6V / 3A
LCD Type 4 inch colored LCD
Display Resolution 480 x 320 pixels, 65536 colors
Mechanical Specifications
 Dimension (W x H x D) 250 x 158 x 358 (mm)
 Device Weight 9.80 kg 12.00 kg

The specifications based upon the instrument having run for at least 30 minutes continuously, under the specified operating environment  

ModelODP3033ODP3063ODP6033all 3 models
Channel CH1 CH2 CH1 CH2 CH1 CH2 CH3
Output Ratings 
Voltage 0 - 30V 0 - 30V 0 - 60V 0 - 6V
Current 0 - 3A 0 - 6A 0 - 3A 0 - 3A
Load Regulation Voltage ≤0.01% + 3mV
Current ≤0.01% + 3mA
Line Regulation Voltage ≤0.01% + 3mV
Current ≤0.01% + 3mA
Settings Resolution Voltage 1mV
Current 1mA
Read Back Resolution Voltage 1mV
Current 1mA
Settings Accuracy 
(25℃ ± 5℃)
(within 12 months)
Voltage ≤0.03% + 10mV
Current ≤0.1% + 8mA ≤0.1% + 5mA
Read Back Accuracy 
(25℃ ± 5℃)
Voltage ≤0.03% + 10mV
Current ≤0.1% + 8mA ≤0.1% + 5mA
Noise and Ripple 
(20Hz - 20MHz)
Voltage (Vp-p) ≤4mVp-p ≤3mVp-p
Voltage (rms) ≤1mVrms ≤1mVrms
Current (rms) ≤5mArms ≤4mArms
Output Temperature Coefficient 
(0℃ - 40℃)
Voltage ≤0.03% + 10mV
Current ≤0.1% + 5mA
Read Back Temperature Coefficient Voltage ≤0.03% + 10mV
Current ≤0.1% + 5mA
Parallel Settings Accuracy Voltage ≤0.02% + 5mV
Current ≤0.1% + 30mA
Programmable Output Storage 100 groups
Time Setting second
Data Recording 10 K groups (of voltage, current and power data) recording capacity
Working Temperature 0 - 40℃
Communication Interface USB Host&Divice, RS232, and LAN


De OPD3033 comes bundled with:

  • Power cord
  • CD-ROM met software
  • Quick Guide
  • USB cable
  • Fuse


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Review by Juergen 
Posted on 30/06/2019
Why did you make the sequence of the channels on the LCD different from the sequence on the front panel?! And why on earth did you make the *colors* for the channels on the LCD different from those on the front panel?!

This is really bad for usability. And it suggests that very little care and thought went into the design of this device.